Legendary Activist Librarian Dr. E.J. Josey

28 Jan

Dr. E. J. Josey

January 20, 1924 – July 3, 2009

Rest in Peace, Dr. Josey.  I have come this far in our great profession because  you were not afraid to stand up and  fight for our basic rights as Librarians of color.  I had the pleasure of meeting you at the ALA  Annual Conference in Atlanta and I will never forget your warm smile, your deep commitment to Librarianship, and your  endless colorblind love for individuals who are new to the profession.   Your activism was unceasing, and you were never afraid to challenge the status quo. You have allowed me to stand on your shoulders, so now it is my turn.  It is my desire that I will be able to mentor, to listen, and to just be there for those new librarians who may  be discouraged because of issues that are  beyond their control.  Thank you, Dr. Josey.  Rest in  peace.

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