Teen Programming with Food

Anyone who works with Teens knows the old adage: “If you feed them they will come”.  So you bought your teens pizza, and they came, now what?  Instead of making food the attraction make it the focus.   Teens love being creative and giving them the opportunity to eat their creation at the end of a program will keep them coming back (or possibly never leaving).  But before you complain about not having the facility or the money to run a food-based program I will show a few simple recipes that can be made with no stove/oven/microwave access and for relatively cheap.  Enjoy!

IPod Brownies

What’s cooler than all the technology that Apple unveils?  Something edible that looks just like it.

Shopping List:

Little Debbie packaged brownies

Pull and Peel licorice


White frosting

Gummy peaches

Food coloring

Gum drops

Set Up:

Make a table for putting frosting on the brownies.  Add food coloring to frosting.  Make another table with the candy used to create iPod.  Cut pieces of airheads into squares for the iPod “window”.  Have a bowl for the peach circles.  Pull apart the licorice so that teens can grab two each.  Have another bowl for gum drops.


Unwrap brownie and cover with frosting.  Use piece of Airhead for Ipod “window”.  Use peach candy for Ipod “wheel”.  Attach Pull and Peel licorice for “earphones”. Then make a small cut in a gum drop and feed licorice end into gum drop.

Twinkie Sushi

Shopping List:


Fruit by the foot

Gummy Fruit Candy

Swedish Fish

Dried Mango

Set Up:

Cut fruit by the foot in half and pre-slice gummy fruit candies into small pieces.  Put Swedish fish and dried mango in bowls.


Give one Twinkie to each participant.  Allow them to cut the Twinkie in fourths.  Next wrap the fruit by the foot around the outside of the Twinkie.  Garnish with sliced gummy fruit, Swedish fish, and dried mango (to look like ginger).  Supply chopsticks for an authentic experience.

Ho-Ho Turtles

Shopping List:


Squeezable Caramel

Squeezable Chocolate


Set Up:

Make up an assembly line on a table with squeezable caramel, then pecans, and finally chocolate.


Have participants divide the Ho-Hos into 3 equal pieces.  Place cream side up on plate.  Add a dab of caramel and place a pecan on top.  Then drizzle chocolate over the pecan.


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