So YA like…Science Fiction

08 Apr

The Adoration of Jenna Fox Mary E. Pearson

Jenna Fox should be dead.  Her father, illegally using the latest medical advances, is able to save 10 percent of her brain.  Her memories slowly start to return as she recovers.  Now Jenna must remain hidden and she wonders: if this is life she is to lead why save her in the first place?

Silver Eyes Nicole Luiken

Angel Eastland is unable to remember her past, violet eyed due to a genetic experiment, and controlled by a brain chip, has been hired to capture Michael Vallant.  The problem is she feels an inexplicable sense of attachment to Michael.  She struggles to retrieve her past, fighting the control of the loyalty chip implanted in her brain.  There are many things in Angel’s world that are not exactly what they seem.

The Last Universe William Sleator

Susan wants desperately to be normal, but a freak illness confines her brother, Gary, to a wheel chair and now she must help him instead of the carefree summer she had planned.  Then there is the garden that the teen’s quantum-physicist uncle had installed, but the garden seems to be…changing?   After each attempt into the garden maze Gary’s illness get better, what is the connection and what is his disease?  A great fast paced novel filled with mystery.

Among the Hidden Margaret Peterson Haddix

Luke has finally had enough when his parents no longer allow him to go outside.  Being a third child is tough but it is infinitely harder when you are considered illegal.  With the woods behind Luke’s house seized by the government for more housing his only joy comes from watching the new families from his attic.  He watches everyone leave the neighborhood for work and school but one day he notices a movement at the window of one the houses.  Will he risk everything to find out what’s going on?

Unwind Neal Shusterman

The second civil war was fought over abortion.  When the dust settled a compromise was reached, any parents wishing to get rid of their child can have them “unwound”, a process that reuses the teen body for donation.  By chance three teens that are slated to be unwound meet and band together to fight a system that would destroy them.

Ender’s Game Orson Scott Card

Most people of a certain age have read this classic Sci-fi novel, but more and more teens are increasingly unaware of this fantastic novel.  Ender Wiggins has been monitored since birth, he could be the chosen one, the one that will save the world from the invaders.  A great read with a shocking ending.

Feed M.T. Anderson

A boy meets girl tale with a twist.  Every person gets a feed, a computer chip that constantly bombards them with ads and product info based on what their brain likes and doesn’t.  See a shirt that looks cool, instantly ads pop up for that shirt, where you can buy it, and heck they’ll even send it to your home.  This novel is great and does even better on audio (you get the feeds just like the charecters).

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