I put up a poster, why won’t they come?

06 May

All of us that work with teens know the joys of trying to get them into programs.  It’s really not because they don’t want to attend but rather that they don’t know (despite the 6 posters they have to walk past every time they’re in the library).  Here are some advertising options that you might try:

1)      Talk to them. Seriously, if you can’t just walk up to a teen patron and tell him/her about a library program what chance do you stand once they’re in the program?  Be extra pro-active and put a flyer in their hand with the date, time, and locale.

2)      Social Networking. That’s where the teens are and by that reasoning so should you.  Create a Facebook fan page for your library’s YA/Teen section.  Every time you post something on your fan page it will appear on each of your “fans” Facebook profile.

3)      Newsletters. The adult departments seem to have great success with advertising programs through the library newsletter; however, sometimes that information does trickle down to the teens.  Have copies of your newsletter in your teen area or at the desk where teens congregate.   We have found that making a “pocket-sized” version of the newsletter with only teen programs serves us well.

4)      Email Blasts. Send constant reminders to your teens, weekly and the day before a program.  Put out an email sign-up sheet at every program and event you hold.  Retaining the teen patrons that do come is just as important as getting new ones.

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