Successful Anime Clubs

First volume of 'Death Note' perhaps the most popular manga amongst American teens.

As librarians we wish that there were teens that have a high interest in printed materials, are voracious readers, and don’t think that libraries are lame.  We would bend over backwards to give them what they wanted if only they would ask, however they’re not asking they’re screaming for Manga and Anime!  Often these are the kids that aren’t involved in your typical after school activities and with school budgets unable to maintain art/music/P.E. what chance do they have of joining an Anime/Manga club at school…slim to none and slim just got RIF’d.

Book your Anime/Manga program and be sure to advertise in the middle and high schools.  Once your teens start showing up ask them what they would like to do.  Our anime club usually consists of a craft and a anime series that we show.  Some librarians have had success running the program like a book discussion where each teen brings in their favorite manga and talks about it or does a book talk (watch out for the teens that like to give away the endings).

Thankfully there are organizations that are out there to help us.  One is Operation Anime, the beautiful thing about this website is you register your anime club and have your teens fill out their surveys and they’ll send you a new anime every month.

Glossary (aka what the hell are they saying?)
Anime – short for Japanese Animation, anime refers solely to the animated videos many of which are based on manga.
Bishojo/Bishonen – Japanese for beautiful girl/boy.
Chibi – Japanese for small,short for Child Body, prefix indicating a ‘squashed’ (and usually considerably more manic) version of an anime character.

Cosplay as Vincent Valentine from the Japanese video game 'Final Fantasy VII'

– short for ‘Costume Play’ it is the practice of dressing up as one’s favorite anime or manga character. A popular event at anime conventions.
Hentai – Japanese for ‘pervert’, refers to pornographic material, if something is referred to as Hentai it is not advisable to add this to your library collection.
Mecha – Short for MECHAnical, any kind of technology from a gun to a vehicle to a giant robot.
Manga – small (usually) paperback books written in a comic style. Most manga is serialized in chapters that are published in various Japanese magazines (i.e. ShonenJump)
Manwha – Korean version of manga.
OAV/OVA – Original Animation Video/Original Video Animation; work made specially for release to video, rather than TV or cinema.
Otaku – Japanese word denoting an obsessive fan of anything, in the sense of being narrow and anti-social. Sometimes used in the West without derogatory connotations to refer to a dedicated fan of anime or manga.
Shojo – Japanese for girl. Shojo manga are drawn in a very flowery, pretty, romantic style and deal with mainly romantic or emotional subjects.
Shonen – refers to manga/anime that is geared towards male adolescents, filled with action and usually male characters.
Yaoi – Refers to manga/anime depicting male homosexual relationships.
Yuri – Refers to manga/anime depicting female homosexual relationships.


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