YASF Meeting Minutes: 2.16.17

14 Mar

Young Adult Services Forum Agenda

February 16, 2017

Oak Park Public Library


  • ILA Program Proposals: Rise Up!
    1. Proposals due Friday March 24, 2017.
    2. Ideas that popped from ILA 2016’s participants October 10-12:
      1. Dealing with teen behavior issues, possibly with restorative justice lens. Maybe a combination of librarians with an outside, expert perspective?
        1. Moderated-panel type
        2. A representative from Oak Park who specializes in restorative justice. Possible participation from Skokie and Zion.
        3. Similar presentation was offered through Recharge committee. Could those participants offer a re-focused version?
      2. Running a successful TAB
        1. Recruit from Google group. A panel with diverse experiences: Mary (long tenure), Evan (brief experience), Becca (Jane Goodall)??? Heather Booth?
        2. Include tweens? Middle schoolers? Kerry Devitt @ AHML?
        3. Krista?
      3. Diversity & inclusiveness
        1. Dr. Nicole Cooke, professor – Diversity in libraries – already submitting @ ILA
        2. Educating pre-professionals in diversity (Alice Son, Jarett Dapier, Jen Jacobs)
    3. Other ideas?
      1. YA Nonfiction panel (Becca, Donna, Joe)
      2. Community partnerships (Evan, Renee, Katie, Tyler?)*
      3. Gaming – Game on was popular (Natalie D?, Evan, Becca, Rachael)
        1. More structured? Handout
        2. Really well attended
        3. Restructure – more copies of each game, tables for facilitated discussions
      4. “Back to basics” – YA Librarian 101 – Becca
        1. New YA librarian
        2. Starting from scratch
        3. Staffing
        4. Potential structure: small presentation, followed by submitted questions/conversation
      5. Other presentations to sponsor?
        1. Kylie’s
      6. Escape room possibilities – Two possibilities – maybe mush together?
      7. Steam Kits!
      8. Fundraising
      9. Weekly make & takes
  • Create Your Adventure at IYSI 2017! March 10-11, Crowne Plaza Springfield
  • Tournament of Books (Evan)
    • Going well
    • We will start garnering nominations for next year’s ToB already on the Facebook poll.
    • Should we push things back a bit? Give more time to add later-in-the-year books. Tabled for later discussion
  • Updates
    • IREAD  Update  (Brandi)
      • 2018 – Reading Takes You Everywhere
        • Socks?
        • VR for phone?
        • Fan runs from phone battery
        • Looking for submissions to resource guide. Donna will post on FB group!
        • Gene Ha is doing the art! It’s so great!
        • Prize possibilities
      • 2019 – It’s Showtime at Your Library
        • Theater fits in too!
        • Picking artists now
      • Looking for committee members – new YASF liaison! Becca’s term is up
    • YASF social media, etc.
      • Google Groups (Trixie)
        • Six new members since last meeting
      • Blog (Evan)
        • Same spike during ToB as last year
      • Facebook (Becca)
        • Thanks for picking up Becca’s Wednesday slack due to maternity leave! More community involvement. It’s not just one person!
        • Bring back Favorite Fridays! – Google doc for brainstorming/idea sharing for topics
        • 14 new members since last meeting
    • ILA YA Award  (Denise/Rachael)
      • Criteria for award was intentionally written vaguely
      • Becoming more difficult to compare librarians working in different settings
      • Revisit, reevaluate
      • YASF feedback – set up new meeting to reset criteria
  • New Meeting Dates & Locations —
    • Second Thursday of the month – stop competing w/ YALD, Tinker, etc.
  • New Business & Open Discussion
    • Chicago Maker Faire April 22 & 23
      • same weekend as C2E2, also same floor

Upcoming YASF Meeting Dates:

  • March networking gathering (FB poll for location, dates that don’t conflict with St Pat’s or IYSI)
    • Winner – Forest/Oak Park
    • Date: Sat. April 8
    • Avenue Ale House, Beer Shop
  • April 20 — Lansing Public Library
  • May 5, 2017 – Reaching Forward Conference, Rosemont
  • September 14 — Westmont Public Library
  • October 10-12 – Rise Up! 2017 Annual Conference, Tinley Park
  • November 9 — Mount Prospect Public Library –


In attendance:

Rachael Bild

Evan Mather

Mary Miller

Becca Boland

Krista Kountz

Jordan Bumber

Kate Marsh

Jenna Friebel

Brandi Smits

Donna Block – Virtual

Alice Son – Virtual

Trixie Dantis – Virtual

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