YASF Meeting Minutes: 4.20.17

05 May

Lansing Public Library

  • Old Business
    • ILA Program Proposals: Rise Up!
      • Who proposed what?
        • Gaming – Becca & others
        • Restorative Justice – Skokie & Addison
        • Escape Room – Evan, Krista, DG
        • Troubleshooting – Evan, Becca
        • Community Partnerships – Evan, Schaumburg, Evanston, Indian Prairie
        • Nonficiton
        • YALSA school/public lib partnerships – Donna, Northbrook
        • Different ages – Kylie
    • IYSI 2017 recap
      • Hinsdale Public Library created “subscription box” style checkouts
      • Playaway Launchpads now have test prep!!!
    • Networking event recap
    • It went well! Considering holding another in August as a sort of SRP wrap up.
  • Tournament of Books (Evan)
    • It went well this year! Ideas for next year:
      • Push start date back a bit later to better include titles released later in the year. A small group will meet virtually to finalize the list.
      • We had a lot of author interaction over Twitter. Update winning post to include tweets.
      • Create a Twitter account for Tournament of Books only to better engage/promote?
  • YASF social media, etc.
    • Google Groups (Trixie) – 3 new members since last meeting
    • Facebook (Becca?) – Many new people, both from YALD and Tournament of Books. Everyone’s been awesome about “What are you reading Wednesdays?”
  • Updates
    • IREAD  Update/liaison search  (Brandi)
      • 2019 Theme – officially approved! “It’s Showtime At Your Library” A more inclusive theme including theater/movies/production
      • Need new YA liaison for iREAD!!!! – Donna volunteers. YAAAAAY!
      • Next meeting pushed back – conflicted w/ C2E2. In May.
      • Maybe Noelle Stevenson for art?!?!?!?!??!!?
    • Youth Services Forum Update (Vince via email)
      • Forum buddies – gives “partner” to new meeting attendees
      • Brochure for promotion @ conferences
      • ILA Program Submissions:
      • YS Forum has table during exhibits/registration
      • Betsy Bird
      • Puzzle Hunt program
      • Out of the box programming ideas
      • Fundraising on a small scale
      • Ignite for YS
      • Forum field trips – programs at cultural institutions (Museums, Naper Settlement, etc.)
      • Booth @ Reaching Forward
    • ILA YA Award  (Denise/Rachael)
      • Submissions are open! Share it! Flyer looks nice
      • Revisions to language have been submitted to ILA
      • Wanted to drop language about submitting programs from last 2 years – worth mentioning newer/revised/other programs/services is worthwhile
      • Inclusive of other services – outreach, etc.
      • Will share revisions
  • New Business
    • C2E2 /ALA Pop-Up library (Trixie/Rachael)
      • Collaborative pop-up library
      • Maker Faire has been rescheduled
    • LTAB (Heather/Rachael)
      • Louder Than a Bomb – hook up with young Chicago authors
      • Need many volunteers – poetry fest.
      • What if YASF sponsored LTAB for volunteers? Could people go for work time? Would it work as only a half-day, or is that unrealistic? How else could we make this worthwhile prof. Development? Reciprocal – young Chi. authors in return?
    • BFYA @ ALA (Rachael for Sara)
      • Local libraries are invited to bring a group of teens to talk about books nominated . Applications until 5/1.
      • Tips for not losing kids: 1 adult:10 kids, but actually 1:5 or so is best. Buddy system. Carry what you get. Chartering a vehicle>public transit, often.

Upcoming YASF Meeting Dates:

  • May 5, 2017 – Reaching Forward Conference, Rosemont
  • September 14, 10-12  — Westmont Public Library
  • October 10-12 – Rise Up! 2017 Annual Conference, Tinley Park
  • November 9, 10-12  — Mount Prospect Public Library



Brandi Smits

Becca Boland

Evan Mather

Donna Block

Lisa Barefield

Alice Son (virtual)

Krista Kountz (virtual)

Rachael Bild (virtual)

Trixie Dantis (virtual)

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