Tournament of Books, Round Three: The Hate U Give vs. Long Way Down

When I read my email with my assigned titles for Tournament of the Books and saw that I had both The Hate U Give AND Long Way Down, I was ecstatic. These were two books that I was incredibly excited about and I felt complemented each other well. Then it hit me how hard it was going to be to pick just one of these to win. I had to forget everything I had heard about them and any preconceived notions I might have, and went to work.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

f043712f-4655-4c8a-b60f-fca1e4c6ca9fThe Hate U Give is such an important novel and made such an impact on the world of YA literature. This tells the story of Starr, who lives in Garden Heights A.K.A. the ghetto, but goes to a private school in wealthy, white neighborhood. This separates her from the kids that she has grown up with. At her private school she transforms herself into what she dubs “Williamson Starr”, where nothing she says or does could be construed as ghetto. In Garden Heights, she feels she can be herself, but doesn’t quite fit in since everyone from her neighborhood says she acts white because of where she goes to school. This brings her to a party where she tries to prove she fits in in Garden Heights, and the events of that night leave one of her childhood friends dead and Starr’s two worlds come crashing together.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

22552026Long Way Down is another hugely important novel that has taken the YA world by storm. This is the story of Will, who is looking to avenge the death of his brother, Shawn. Shawn was murdered in their neighborhood and Will feels he must follow The Rules that have been set down by generations before him. When he gets into the elevator that morning with his gun, ready to complete rule number three, some very unexpected guests get into the elevator with him. This story is told in verse and takes place over the course of a little over a minute, but is jam packed with stories that make Will think. During his ride down, Will must listen to these stories that are all connected to him and Shawn, and decide what is the right thing for him to do.

And the winner is…


Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds

This book was all over stunning. The story had me thinking about it, and the ending, long after I finished. I was moved to tears. Telling the story in verse truly brings the story to life. The way the words were positioned on the page had you feeling much like Will felt. Sometimes it was jarring, sometimes it was scattered, sometimes it was quiet, but powerful. This is also a fantastic read for a reluctant reader. It has a high page count, but when they open it, it isn’t daunting. They are able to read such a powerful story and stay engaged, without being intimidated by its length. Jason Reynolds tells a story that needs to be heard and reaches out to those that aren’t seen. Please share this book!

Tegan Beese is the Young Adult Associate at Lake Villa District Library. She is currently finishing her MSLIS at University of Illinois and can’t wait to dive back into her giant to be read pile. You can find her on Instagram @therowdylibrarian or Twitter @teegsmae


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