YASF Meeting Minutes 4.12.18

Oak Lawn Public Library

  • Old Business
    • ILA Program Proposals
      • Cindy – Self Care with Social Worker
      • Isabel with Martha and others on Passive program
      • Evan with Rachael, serving teen parents
      • Evan with Liz from Addison and Regina from Forest Park on Teen Behavior
      • Evan with Heather and Isabel on TABs
      • Becca YA Troubleshooting
      • Joe, Becca, Donna, and Brandi YA Nonfiction
      • Talked about mini unconference, looking at for 2019
    • Evaluations
      • Update questions
      • Virtual availability – Make into a Google Form, add as a slide
        • On YASF Facebook page
    • New IL Standards Progress
      • Ellen (from YSF), Rachael, Evan, & Lisa met earlier this month to discuss and created a working draft
      • After working draft will complete and open up for wider comments and hopefully get to the committee by the end of the month
      • Anyone who is interested should at least look them over
      • New Adults? – Clarification about who we’re talking about
      • Task force committee finalized version by end of week and Evan will post on Facebook and Google Group
    • ILA Reporter article
      • YASF asked to contribute tips and best practices for dealing with teen behavior issues.
        • Evan, Lisa, Becca, Heather combined ideas and submitted to ILA reporter.
    • Best of the Best w/ LACONI
      • Have some teen presenters in there and not teen specific (and no metadata tag)
        • Sounds like a possibility and will bring it up at meeting on April 20th
      • To use your library must have a LACONI membership
  • Tournament of Books (Rachel)
    • Waiting for lasts post of Round 3
    • Posting as rounds rather than regularly, but linking to previous rounds so you can follow a book throughout
      • Regular posting keeps it on people’s radar.
    • Timeline pushed back from last year.
    • More formalization of the way it works?
      • Expectation for reviewers
      • Sub committee to make procedures
        • Evan, Brandi, Rachel, Cindy
    • Publicity person, someone dealing with the people and coordination side, someone dealing with the actual posting and blog.
    • Straight voting? Parallel voting?
      • Review as a Teen librarian (not for yourself)
      • Which book are you more likely to book talk
      • Descriptions not needed after first round
        • As it goes posts should be getting shorter and more focused.
      • Just reviews of the books and then reviewers don’t decide
        • Voting with comments
        • Brackets to get people to vote?
        • Posts expanding on readers’ advisory for the books that advance
      • Voting fatigue
      • Extra thing? – YASF deciding and then a “people’s choice award”
    • Put it out in quadrants
    • Subcommittee, Cindy, Terri, Evan, Quinn, Brandi, Rachel, Lisa
      • Interested – get in touch with Evan
  • YASF Social Media, etc.
    • Google Groups (Trixie)
      • 4 new members
      • 4 new posts
    • Facebook (Becca)
      • 14 new members
  • Future Professional Development
    • Reaching Forward – May 4, 2018
      • Evan, Rachael, Brandi
  • Updates
    • iREAD (Brandi)
      • Submissions for last minute articles is this weekend (any program ideas related to performance)
      • Finishing committee list for 2020 – theme ‘Dig Deeper, Read, Investigate, Discover’
    • YSF (Evan)
      • Golden ticket award sponsor has dropped out, may not have someone in time for the awards.
        • Will look for a sponsor next year.
      • Davis Cup still happening
    • ILA YA Award (Denise)
      • May 15th deadline
        • Can nominate yourself
      • Suggestion to directors and managers to nominate staff
      • Struggle with getting people outside the Chicago area
      • Struggle with comparing library work loads.
      • Please help with getting the word out
      • Consider nominating people in multiple years if they weren’t selected
      • Updated criteria
        • Hopefully easier and more attractive to apply
  • New Business
    • ChiTeen Lit Fest (Yvette/Evan)
      • Launches Friday, all day Saturday
      • In 2nd or 3rd year, will be annual event
      • Planned by teens for teens
        • Teen ambassadors for promoting the event to other teens
      • Fridays event is a party
      • Saturday is when the fest takes place
        • Headliners, workshops, teens get lunches
      • http://chiteenlitfest.org/
      • Info on the Facebook group
    • C2E2 2018 Recap
      • Work on getting a list of library ComiCons in the Chicago Area – Logos
      • Get more involved with program submissions
      • Small group doing the entire ALA presence
      • YASF – sponsor/promote submissions
        • ALA has 4 spots
      • Confusion on how to submit a proposal
      • Put proposals on agenda for November or January
    • Pub Stroll – ideas?
      • ILA evening of second full day
      • Host stop
      • TBS has traditionally been sponsor
        • Previously: trivia, superfight
        • Exploding kittens (the Oatmeal)
        • Unstable unicorns
        • Pretending to Grownup
        • Red flags
    • Networking meet-up?
      • August?
      • Make more centrally located
      • Lisa and Melissa, Saturday afternoon/evening
      • August 11th or 18th – poll of Facebook group
  • Open Floor
    • Meeting at Harold Washington
      • Let Yvette know if there are any questions you have or things you want to know (Evan post form in Facebook group?)
    • Changes to YALSA Symposium
    • Plainfield has fandom fest on the 27th and 28th (27th, kids con)
    • Subscription book boxes (Hinsdale)
      • Library book according to what they like and fun goodies
      • Hidden gems
      • Write up on Teen Services Underground
      • Try for tech

New Meeting Dates & Locations

May 4, 2018 – Reaching Forward, Rosemont, IL

September 13, 2018 — Harold Washington Library, Chicago Public Library – in Unity room

October 9-11, 2018 – ILA 2018: All Inclusive, Peoria, IL

November 8, 2018 – Berwyn Public Library

February 14, 2019 – ???


Lisa Barefield

Evan Mather

Joe Marcantonio

Haley Frailey

Nicole Mills

Terri Purcell

Cindy Shutts

Parish Turner

Brandi Smits

Donna Black

Amanda Carr

Quinn Stitt

Iza Gronska

Yvette Garcia



Rachael Bild – Virtual

Heather Booth – Virtual

Megan Young – Virtual


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