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YASF Meeting Minutes: 4.20.17

Lansing Public Library

  • Old Business
    • ILA Program Proposals: Rise Up!
      • Who proposed what?
        • Gaming – Becca & others
        • Restorative Justice – Skokie & Addison
        • Escape Room – Evan, Krista, DG
        • Troubleshooting – Evan, Becca
        • Community Partnerships – Evan, Schaumburg, Evanston, Indian Prairie
        • Nonficiton
        • YALSA school/public lib partnerships – Donna, Northbrook
        • Different ages – Kylie
    • IYSI 2017 recap
      • Hinsdale Public Library created “subscription box” style checkouts
      • Playaway Launchpads now have test prep!!!
    • Networking event recap
    • It went well! Considering holding another in August as a sort of SRP wrap up.
  • Tournament of Books (Evan)
    • It went well this year! Ideas for next year:
      • Push start date back a bit later to better include titles released later in the year. A small group will meet virtually to finalize the list.
      • We had a lot of author interaction over Twitter. Update winning post to include tweets.
      • Create a Twitter account for Tournament of Books only to better engage/promote?
  • YASF social media, etc.
    • Google Groups (Trixie) – 3 new members since last meeting
    • Facebook (Becca?) – Many new people, both from YALD and Tournament of Books. Everyone’s been awesome about “What are you reading Wednesdays?”
  • Updates
    • IREAD  Update/liaison search  (Brandi)
      • 2019 Theme – officially approved! “It’s Showtime At Your Library” A more inclusive theme including theater/movies/production
      • Need new YA liaison for iREAD!!!! – Donna volunteers. YAAAAAY!
      • Next meeting pushed back – conflicted w/ C2E2. In May.
      • Maybe Noelle Stevenson for art?!?!?!?!??!!?
    • Youth Services Forum Update (Vince via email)
      • Forum buddies – gives “partner” to new meeting attendees
      • Brochure for promotion @ conferences
      • ILA Program Submissions:
      • YS Forum has table during exhibits/registration
      • Betsy Bird
      • Puzzle Hunt program
      • Out of the box programming ideas
      • Fundraising on a small scale
      • Ignite for YS
      • Forum field trips – programs at cultural institutions (Museums, Naper Settlement, etc.)
      • Booth @ Reaching Forward
    • ILA YA Award  (Denise/Rachael)
      • Submissions are open! Share it! Flyer looks nice
      • Revisions to language have been submitted to ILA
      • Wanted to drop language about submitting programs from last 2 years – worth mentioning newer/revised/other programs/services is worthwhile
      • Inclusive of other services – outreach, etc.
      • Will share revisions
  • New Business
    • C2E2 /ALA Pop-Up library (Trixie/Rachael)
      • Collaborative pop-up library
      • Maker Faire has been rescheduled
    • LTAB (Heather/Rachael)
      • Louder Than a Bomb – hook up with young Chicago authors
      • Need many volunteers – poetry fest.
      • What if YASF sponsored LTAB for volunteers? Could people go for work time? Would it work as only a half-day, or is that unrealistic? How else could we make this worthwhile prof. Development? Reciprocal – young Chi. authors in return?
    • BFYA @ ALA (Rachael for Sara)
      • Local libraries are invited to bring a group of teens to talk about books nominated . Applications until 5/1.
      • Tips for not losing kids: 1 adult:10 kids, but actually 1:5 or so is best. Buddy system. Carry what you get. Chartering a vehicle>public transit, often.

Upcoming YASF Meeting Dates:

  • May 5, 2017 – Reaching Forward Conference, Rosemont
  • September 14, 10-12  — Westmont Public Library
  • October 10-12 – Rise Up! 2017 Annual Conference, Tinley Park
  • November 9, 10-12  — Mount Prospect Public Library



Brandi Smits

Becca Boland

Evan Mather

Donna Block

Lisa Barefield

Alice Son (virtual)

Krista Kountz (virtual)

Rachael Bild (virtual)

Trixie Dantis (virtual)

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YASF Meeting Minutes: 2.16.17

Young Adult Services Forum Agenda

February 16, 2017

Oak Park Public Library


  • ILA Program Proposals: Rise Up!
    1. Proposals due Friday March 24, 2017.
    2. Ideas that popped from ILA 2016’s participants October 10-12:
      1. Dealing with teen behavior issues, possibly with restorative justice lens. Maybe a combination of librarians with an outside, expert perspective?
        1. Moderated-panel type
        2. A representative from Oak Park who specializes in restorative justice. Possible participation from Skokie and Zion.
        3. Similar presentation was offered through Recharge committee. Could those participants offer a re-focused version?
      2. Running a successful TAB
        1. Recruit from Google group. A panel with diverse experiences: Mary (long tenure), Evan (brief experience), Becca (Jane Goodall)??? Heather Booth?
        2. Include tweens? Middle schoolers? Kerry Devitt @ AHML?
        3. Krista?
      3. Diversity & inclusiveness
        1. Dr. Nicole Cooke, professor – Diversity in libraries – already submitting @ ILA
        2. Educating pre-professionals in diversity (Alice Son, Jarett Dapier, Jen Jacobs)
    3. Other ideas?
      1. YA Nonfiction panel (Becca, Donna, Joe)
      2. Community partnerships (Evan, Renee, Katie, Tyler?)*
      3. Gaming – Game on was popular (Natalie D?, Evan, Becca, Rachael)
        1. More structured? Handout
        2. Really well attended
        3. Restructure – more copies of each game, tables for facilitated discussions
      4. “Back to basics” – YA Librarian 101 – Becca
        1. New YA librarian
        2. Starting from scratch
        3. Staffing
        4. Potential structure: small presentation, followed by submitted questions/conversation
      5. Other presentations to sponsor?
        1. Kylie’s
      6. Escape room possibilities – Two possibilities – maybe mush together?
      7. Steam Kits!
      8. Fundraising
      9. Weekly make & takes
  • Create Your Adventure at IYSI 2017! March 10-11, Crowne Plaza Springfield
  • Tournament of Books (Evan)
    • Going well
    • We will start garnering nominations for next year’s ToB already on the Facebook poll.
    • Should we push things back a bit? Give more time to add later-in-the-year books. Tabled for later discussion
  • Updates
    • IREAD  Update  (Brandi)
      • 2018 – Reading Takes You Everywhere
        • Socks?
        • VR for phone?
        • Fan runs from phone battery
        • Looking for submissions to resource guide. Donna will post on FB group!
        • Gene Ha is doing the art! It’s so great!
        • Prize possibilities
      • 2019 – It’s Showtime at Your Library
        • Theater fits in too!
        • Picking artists now
      • Looking for committee members – new YASF liaison! Becca’s term is up
    • YASF social media, etc.
      • Google Groups (Trixie)
        • Six new members since last meeting
      • Blog (Evan)
        • Same spike during ToB as last year
      • Facebook (Becca)
        • Thanks for picking up Becca’s Wednesday slack due to maternity leave! More community involvement. It’s not just one person!
        • Bring back Favorite Fridays! – Google doc for brainstorming/idea sharing for topics
        • 14 new members since last meeting
    • ILA YA Award  (Denise/Rachael)
      • Criteria for award was intentionally written vaguely
      • Becoming more difficult to compare librarians working in different settings
      • Revisit, reevaluate
      • YASF feedback – set up new meeting to reset criteria
  • New Meeting Dates & Locations —
    • Second Thursday of the month – stop competing w/ YALD, Tinker, etc.
  • New Business & Open Discussion
    • Chicago Maker Faire April 22 & 23
      • same weekend as C2E2, also same floor

Upcoming YASF Meeting Dates:

  • March networking gathering (FB poll for location, dates that don’t conflict with St Pat’s or IYSI)
    • Winner – Forest/Oak Park
    • Date: Sat. April 8
    • Avenue Ale House, Beer Shop
  • April 20 — Lansing Public Library
  • May 5, 2017 – Reaching Forward Conference, Rosemont
  • September 14 — Westmont Public Library
  • October 10-12 – Rise Up! 2017 Annual Conference, Tinley Park
  • November 9 — Mount Prospect Public Library –


In attendance:

Rachael Bild

Evan Mather

Mary Miller

Becca Boland

Krista Kountz

Jordan Bumber

Kate Marsh

Jenna Friebel

Brandi Smits

Donna Block – Virtual

Alice Son – Virtual

Trixie Dantis – Virtual

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YASF Meeting Minutes: 11.17.16

Note: We are now posting the minutes from the Young Adult Services Forum meetings here on the blog. Meetings are open to all interested teen library staff members, and future dates are posted on the website and at the end of each minutes. If you have any questions, comments, or thoughts, please comment on this post or use the Contact Us email form.

Young Adult Services Forum Minutes

Bloomingdale Public Library

November 17, 2017 – 10am – noon

  • ILA Recap
    • Programs
      • Evaluation and Feedback
        • Mostly solid & constructive feedback. Most programs seemed to go well.
      • Future Program Ideas
        • Dealing with teen behavior issues, possibly with restorative justice lens. Maybe a combination of librarians with an outside, expert perspective?
        • Running a successful TAB
        • Diversity & inclusiveness
    • Pub Stroll
      • Unfortunate attendance at other stops went down due to the TBS draw at ours.
    • Comments from Members
  • iREAD Update (Brandi)
    • Lots of cool swag and prizes at ILA booth. “Bubble stick” disappeared immediately.
    • Still looking for submissions to the resource guide for next year’s “Reading Takes You Everywhere” theme
      • Instead of being organized by audience, the guide will be organized by program type (craft, etc.)
  • YASF on the Interweb
    • Google Group (Trixie and Veronica)
      • 6 new members, 9 posts since last meeting. Our big uptick last time came from promoting it at the pub stroll.
    • Blog (Evan)
      • May be time to kill the wiki and fold it into the blog. We will include upcoming meeting dates pinned to the top of the page, and a link to the wiki archive.
      • Aside from upcoming Tournament of Books, posts will also include meeting minutes. (If you are reading this on the blog, things just got really meta.)
      • Other posts, like “how to get involved in ILA w/o joining a committee”
    • Facebook (Not Becca)
  •  Illinois Youth Services Institute (Denise)
      • 3/10-11, in Springfield
  •     YA Award Committee (Denise)
    • Denise Hudec is new chair.
    • Recruitment for nominees will begin in January.
    • Working on new guidelines that are more clear and specific for the award
    • These will be proposed to, and approved by, ILA for 2018
  • New Business
    • March Meet-Up
      • Sometime in late March, maybe early April, to not conflict with IYSI and St. Pat’s Day.
      • FB poll to figure out best general location
    • Tournament of Books
      • We narrowed down the nominees to a final batch of 32.
      • Evan will recruit & organize contributors to contribute to the tournament from January thru March.
  • Open Discussion
  • Future Meeting Dates
    • February 16, 2017: Oak Park Public Library: 10 am-noon
    • April 20, 2017: Lansing, IL: 10 am-noon
      • Because the scheduling of our meetings during the 3rd Thursday of the month, it often conflicts with the Young Adult Librarian Discussion group meetings, which meet on the 3rd Wednesday. After these next meetings, we will find another schedule that will work better.
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