Denim Crafts Under $25.00

Teens Going Green

Are you looking for a low budget “Green Program” to encourage teens to reduce their Carbon Footprint?  If so, encourage them to recycle old Denim Jeans.  These projects do not require any sewing.  To keep costs down, ask each participant to bring a pair of old jeans to the program.  I also sent out an e-mail blast (several months before the program) to my co-workers and asked them to donate their old jeans that they really needed to throw away.  I wanted to have extra fabric just in case anyone forgot to bring a pair of jeans. Visit a dollar store or a fabric store and check out the remnant bins for ribbon.  Fabric paints or other embellishments may be used to jazz up the bag.

Blue Jean Bags


  • Pant Leg from old blue jeans (any size, but adult size will make a larger bag)
  • Ribbons
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Fabric Paints


  1. Cut a 12 – 16 inch section from the lower part of the leg from an old pair of blue jeans.
  2. Roll down the top, then punch two holes in rolled down portion.
  3. Cut fringes on the other end of cut off leg.
  4. Tie Fringes.
  5. Cut a strip of ribbon into desired length.
  6. Thread ribbon into holes, then tie at one end.
  7. Embellish with fabric paint or just decorate as desired.

Denim Journal Cover


  • Adult sized pant leg from old jeans
  • Approximately 3 inches of the waist band from jeans, including button and button hole.
  • Pocket from blue jean
  • Fabric paint
  • Fabric glue
  • Composition book or a journal


1. Cut the upper part of the leg form an old pair of adult sized jeans.

2. Cut up the leg near the inside seam and flatten.

3. Lay the opened journal/composition book onto the fabric.

4. Trim around book.

5. Leave a half inch all around to fold in.

6. Fold in the edges of the denim n and glue to inside cover of the journal.

7. Glue down the first journal page and the last page so that these pages cover the denim

8. Glue a denim pocket to the front

9. Cut off a short piece of the waist ban that

10. Glue the button to the front of the journal includes the button and the button hole.

11. Glue the button hole, plus a small part of the waist band, to the back of the diary.

12. Embellish the pocket with fabric paint.

Denim Pillow


  • One pair of old jeans
  • Ribbon or long strips of denim cut from the other leg of the jeans.
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing or fabric scraps.


1. Cut off on leg of the jeans a desired length

2. Tie one end with ribbon or denim fabric strips.

3. Stuff with fabric scraps or stuffing.

4. Tie the other end.

5. Fringe each end of the tied portion.

6. Embellish with fabric paint.

Denim Pocket Magnets\


  • Denim pockets cut from old jeans.
  • Fabric paint
  • Craft Magnets
  • Ribbons, buttons, lace or any type of embellishments
  • Fabric or craft glue


Cut a pocket from an old pair of jeans.

2. glue ribbon, trim, etc to the pocket with fabric glue

3. Write “Leave a Note” or whatever is desired on the front in fabric paint.

4. Cut a strip from the craft magnet roll the width of the pocket

5. Glue magnetic strip to the back of the pocket.  Glue