Holiday Crafts and Decorations

Looking for a way to keep your teens engaged @the library during the chilly, winter months? From holiday décor to community outreach, here are a few sure-fire cures for the winter blahs!

Deck the Halls

Just when you thought you exhausted every possible recycled water bottle craft, here’s a neat idea that transforms those landfill nightmares into a beautiful wintry star garland. Click here for more details.

Origami crafts are always a big hit, so why not apply this technique to creating whimsical ornaments? This is a low budget craft idea that requires paper and a few embellishments. Step by step instructions can be found here .

For those who are ambitious (and for those who need to weed their magazine collection) here is a décor craft that is surprisingly simple yet stunningly elegant. For instructions on creating a Christmas tree from recycled magazines visit this link .

Sharing is Caring

Winter vacation is a great time for teens to get involved in the community. Arrange for teens to conduct a story time at a local women and children’s shelter or at an orphanage. How about holding a gaming day at a senior center? Have a monopoly tournament or spend an afternoon Wii bowling. Positive intergenerational activities are a big hit. Check out these links for tips on coordinating teen outreach programs, 20 Ways for Teenagers to Help Others by Volunteering, Do Something and the National Youth Leadership Council .

‘Tis Better to Give…

Looking for some great handmade gift ideas that teens will  enjoy making and receiving?  Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Mod podge hangers are cool, classy, practical and oh, so chic.!

I can hardly believe how cool and uber-simple it is to make this no-knit scarf! Thick, bulky yarn and a few strategically placed square knots and “voila!” you’ve created a really cool gift! Click here for instructions.

What can you do with a yardstick and a few clothespins? Make a hat organizer! The chapeaux divos/divas on your list will appreciate this useful gift. Follow the basic instructions found at, this link and add bit of flair that the recipient would enjoy (favorite team colors, etc.).

Well, that’s all for now. Go forth and craft!