Let’s Talk About Sex…Education

detailscoverThe newest issue of Details (before you roll your eyes, you know what, I’m a 27 y/o male I can read that mag if I want) has an article titled “Generation XXX” (umm, it’s pretty graphic with it’s language; you’ve been warned).  It discusses pornography and its influence on teenage sexuality, which surprisingly enough is quite huge.  With the widespread usage and access to the internet teens are turning more and more to porn for their sexual education. The author makes an interesting point: teens looking to porn for sexual education believe that what they see depicted is normal sexual behavior.  Gone are the days figuring it out on your own the new crop of teens have done their research.

First, let me say I am NOT advocating for filtering or limiting access, quite the opposite in fact, what I’d like to know is where does the library fit into teenage sexual education?  Can we (the library) provide factual and accurate sexual information or can we not even compete with the Internet’s anonymity and breadth?  Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you.  The books in the 600s with the pictures of boobs might still be found in the back corners of the library but are teens seeking out real sexual information at the library?  Like my man (Ed Burns) from from The Wire says “Kids are going to learn, the questions is where?”.